Dhani Jones

During my senior year at The University of Michigan, my best friend, Kunta Littlejohn, was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I never had a friend diagnosed with anything, much less cancer. Searching for an avenue to support him was difficult and I felt somewhat at a loss.

That next year, the New York Giants selected me in the 2000 NFL Draft. It was my first time living in the big city and Kunta gave me some advice. He said, " you want to be anybody, you´ve got to wear a bow tie." I said, "Man, you´re crazy, I´m not wearing a bow tie." Kunta replied, " telling you, if you want to be someone in this world, if you want people to remember you, you have to rock a bow tie." But, I still dismissed it.

At that time, Kunta was in remission from cancer but the recovery process was quite challenging. As I thought about his charge to wear a bow tie, I began to find a meaning and purpose in relation to his original advice.

I put on my first bow tie in quiet support for Kunta as he continued the cancer recovery process. Kunta eventually went into full remission and I continued to "rock" a bow tie. This experience proved to be a defining moment in my life.
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The Kenzie´s CLOSET Bow Tie was designed in a pattern that represents the crossroads of a teenager's life where they celebrate the past while also looking optimistically into the future.

The symbolic pink and blue colors of the Bow Tie speak to both young women and young men as they approach the crossroads to celebrate what has been and what will become.

Dhani Jones and his team at "Bow Ties for a Cause" have something for the girls!
  • Handcrafted sterling silver, 15" chain
  • Proceeds go to Kenzies's Closet
$57.00 + $3.00 Shipping and Handling
$57.00 + $3.00 Shipping and Handling